Some changes are in the works for [adjective][species] and OpenFurry.

First of all, [a][s] is being split and reorganized in a few different ways. First of all, the focus on written content will be shifted away from the main blog and onto Hybrid as a separate [adjective][species] sub-project, in order to focus on writing as less of a blog and more of a publication. The main [a][s] site will focus primarily on exploring and visualizing data. To that end, LSF as a blog will be merged with Hybrid, and will solely host all guides.

OpenFurry will take ownership of IdeaWheel (or, rather, has already) as JNSQ is slowly reformulated. Additionally, OpenFurry gains Honeycomb.

Finally, Artemis Productions is on hold until a better plan comes along. Current thoughts are to use it for a contemporary music choir, but we’ll see if I get up the pluck and/or gumption to actually make that work.